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Kentico is a fully integrated ASP.NET platform that allows you to create high-performance websites and optimise user experience.  Kentico has a wide range of functionalities, but it remains easy to use. More than 25.000 websites use of Kentico today. 

Why use Kentico as your CMS?

With Kentico as a content management system, companies make optimum use of online opportunities. The necessary features, including e-commerce and online marketing, ensure a smooth user experience, for both the teams involved and the end customer.

Thanks to the extensive possibilities, it is no longer necessary to set up various tools with Kentico. For example, the system offers a solution for companies that want to strongly focus on content marketing, with all the technical solutions for the challenge that marketing is today.

Kentico offers a simple and user-friendly content management for every user. This user-friendliness makes the difference to its open-source competitors, such as Wordpress and Drupal.

Use Kentico for webshops and e-commerce

Kentico also offers a solid e-commerce module. Since version 11 Kentico has strong e-commerce possibilities, which are usually only available in webshop-focused software. In this way Kentico combines content and commerce in one user-centered system.

Bring more visitors to your business using online marketing

We see a direct added value of Kentico in the online marketing possibilities. With this you can personalize, perform A/B tests, follow up on contacts and generate more leads! This is how the CMS proves its added value, with a clear ROI.

Why does Oak Street work with Kentico?

Kentico offers a tailor-made platform for both marketeers and developers.

For developers, because the system can easily be extended, with integrations of third party software (such as Salesforce, DAM systems, ...). In addition, the CMS is scalable and easy to update.

For marketers, Kentico offers the possibility to make adjustments to the website itself, without the intervention from a developer. This way, marketing campaigns can be set up flexibly and quickly. Moreover, the system provides integrations with the marketer's favourite tools, such as Hotjar, Google Analytics and Ads or links with Salesforce and Hubspot, you name it.

Oak Street is a proud Golden partner of Kentico 

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Kentico Platform Features

Web content management

Kentico allows you and your colleagues to easily manage content and web pages, in multiple languages,  using user-friendly editing tools and widgets. Integration with almost any back-end system (DAM, PIM, ...) ensures a close link with your current digital environment.


Kentico allows to convert your website into a true sales channel. You can easily manage products and take advantage of functionalities such as cross-selling and promotions. Additionally, integrations with CRM, ERP or a payment gateway allow to build an ecommerce solution that fully answers your needs. 

Online Marketing

Kentico holds a lot of online marketing tools that helps you increase conversion. Through one platform you can easily consult analytics, score leads, drive campaigns, execute A/B tests, implement marketing automation, ... It offers all the tools you need to get the right content to the right person at the right time.

Kentico's USPs


Saving you the trouble of dealing with seperate systems.


Easily manage content, pages and marketing initiatives together with colleagues. 


Solid software to grow along with your company. 


Possibility to integrate with virtually anything thanks to open API. 


Extensive set of out-of-the box functionalities and a high level of customisability.

Great support

24/7 support and a 7-day bug-fix policy are included.