Mobilize digital talent on a regional scale.

Kentico Project Integrations helps their clients to recruit the right freelancer for their (digital) projects. At the start, they worked exclusively for companies that were part of the Comma Group. However, they wanted to become a partner in attracting freelance talent for a wide range of companies in the B2B sector. With that came the need for a website that supported them in this new approach.

The challenge

Before their name change, they worked exclusively for companies that were members of the Comma group. Their online presence consisted only of a page on the Comma Group website. When the new name,, and their new approach became a reality, there was a need for a stand-alone website that was both attractive to freelancers and to potential customers of Digitals.Career.

The easy personalisation of the website by themselves was key. From images and blog articles, to the details of the recruiter and call-to-action buttons. Depending on the candidate's institutions, smart search functionality had to be available to be able to search on location and to show those vacancies that were close to the candidate. In addition, their website also needed to be integrated with an external Applicant Tracking System to publish job openings and receive job applications from candidates.

The best way to describe our collaboration with Oak Street is with a quote from Steve Jobs: “Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people”

Jill Neuhard

Our approach

The project started from scratch. The website was created in Kentico, which allows easy connection to their existing ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Given the importance of simple and good content management, we made sure that adding and managing the content could be done in a very intuitive way. In addition, we set up a media library in which they can easily manage all their images.

In addition to simple content management, it was also important to make the content as relevant as possible. To that end, we provided the option to personalize content using personalisation rules for which they could rely on a powerful rules engine. µ

And finally, the right call-to-actions, in the right place had to boost application. 

Het resultaat

In 5 weeks time, a website was developed on which: 

  • candidates can easily apply based on their location, also via mobile
  • information about Digitals' services and what they represent can easily be found