Leander, .NET developer at Oak Street

Oak Street team

As a .NET developer at Oak Street I am really interested in the diversity of projects, clients and technologies I will have to deal with. I wanted to specialise myself in development, and Oak Street gave me the chance and time to do this.

Oak Street works for most of its projects with the Kentico CMS system. In Belgium we are the only partner who focuses only on Kentico. During my first week I dove into Kentico immediately. Through an online training platform I could familiarise myself with concepts , examples and possibilities of the Kentico CMS. Like that I will be able to offer the best results for our Clients. 

Now I am working different projects, from content websites to smart career sites and webshops. Beside that I am also thinking how to tackle certain problems. As a .Net Developer I find it challenging to tackle the questions from a client one by one to get to the best solution. I am also involved in the different steps of the process, from analysis through development to the implementation itself.

Another reason why I choose for Oak Street during my search for a job is that there is a loose atmosphere between the colleagues. I already noticed this during my first job interview and this was confirmed during my first weeks on the job. As a start-up we are off course a small team, but everybody gets along very well with each other. For example I get a lot of support from other developers, we are having a lot of laughs and we go out for lunch quite often.