Kentico Connection 2018 Prague - Key takeways


Oak Street got invited to Kentico Connection 2018, the yearly gathering of Kentico-partners in Prague. We'll share some of the key take aways, including news about the new features, the rise of Kentico Cloud and solutions for content friction. 

What's new? Kentico 12

End of November, Kentico 12 will go live and we can welcome some cool new features on the platform. 

From a developer’s point of view, the main change in Kentico 12 is the focus on a MVC-first approach: 

  • This Model-View-Controller pattern allows to better organize the code in an application. As code reuse and parallel development by multiple developers becomes easier, the MVC feature can also benefit our clients by reducing time and cost of development.
  • The MVC also leaves the liberty to developers to use specific technologies such as Angular and React to create singular page applications, which create more reactive web pages. 

From a marketer’s perspective, Kentico 12 offers some very nice improvements: 

  • The landing pages and form builder were reinvented. We are happy to be able to offer our clients such an intuitive & user-friendly editor. It will make their lives easier! 
  • On top of that, personalisation options have been improved. This will give our clients even more possibilities to ensure that their customers will see the right content at the right time, in the right place. Say yes to conversion!

What about Kentico Cloud? 

While Kentico itself expects Headless CMS to really take up as of next year, many participants still struggled to find fitting use cases for headless CMS. Not many have already started experimenting like Oak Street did. If you want to read more about our vision on the use cases, check out our blog article.

In terms of product evolution:

  • Some functionalities have recently been introduced or will be introduced shortly, which improve content editing and collaboration on the platform. Functionalities such as custom roles & workflows, version comparison, simultaneous work notifications, comments and suggestions can help fight content friction - a real buzzword at the convention – and alleviate the life of content professionals.
  • A new add-on for smart personalisation to show related content input was introduced. AI will take user behavior and key words to generate relevant suggestions and improve conversion. We were happy to see this evolution as we had already seen the added value of such a functionality and had already built a similar application in our online recruitment platform, which you can see practicing its tricks at
  • Unfortunately no updates were made on the sitemap functionality. Kentico product team did present a solution they are working on to visualize the content along the customer’s journey instead. To be investigated in which case this could be useful for our clients.

The challenge remains to structure content in a headless CMS. We hope to see product improvements on this in the future too. 

Oak Street's impression of Kentico Connection

We were glad to see improvements and hear the experiences of other Kentico partners. Kentico has a valuable offer and is growing. We're proud partners!