Tips to become a Kentico Certified Developer


At Oak street we are Kentico specialists and therefore it's important to us to get our Kentico certificates. When I started at Oak Street I immediately was given some time to learn Kentico with their e-learning courses. Meanwhile 4 months have passed, the courses are behind me, I successfully completed my first project and I can proudly say that since a couple of weeks I have obtained my certificate for Kentico!

Kentico certified Developer

From my experience, here are a couple of tips for obtaining the certificate

  • A good preparation is key: I studied for about 2 days for the exam, maybe shorter would've worked too, but in the end I think this wasn't exaggerated for my first time.
  • If well prepared, Kentico's questions are certainly not too difficult. However you need to get used to the way they are formulated. That's why it's certainly not a bad idea to check out the example questions in Kentico's preparation guides as well as the versions of other editions. 
  • In the exam there are multiple questions about staging, the way databases work together. This one of the reasons I certainly recommend checking out Kentico Advantage, a good resource for development choices when building your Kentico project.
  • To solve the exams questions you really need to be fully focused. This is why I made the exam at home. To finish all 50 questions in 90 minutes you better make sure there is nothing nearby to distract you.
  • To better gauge my remaining time my colleague recommended me to make a small excel file with the remaining average time per question. This is a good tip to keep your tempo in check. I skipped multiple questions at the start of the test so I could return to them later once I completed all the other exercises.
  • Make sure you have the experience of a full project on your belt. I personally worked on the adjustment of a career site to the needs of our customer. Without this experience I wouldn't have succeeded.
  • Before you hit the go button, make sure you have all the resources you'll need at your disposal. I recommend at least a local instance of Kentico, Visual studio with a Kentico solution loaded, SQL Server management studio and Kentico Advantage so you have everything within reach.
  • Google is your friend. Add to your search filters on Kentico-sites for the results.