The future of content marketing – Make things hyper personal


Producing content in itself isn’t difficult. Besides, technology drastically lowered the threshold for sending online messages into the world and it supports marketers in creating these. Content creation robots are already responsible for a large part of the articles on news sites today. And no one notices the difference. The result? Exponentially growing content that puts pressure on the business and marketing departments to reach their target group through this avalanche of content. The secret to touch your audience? To stand out? To convert? Go for hyper personalization and use technology to make it happen! 

Choose channels and content types that suit your target group

Today’s best practice for marketers is to bet on an omnichannel strategy. However, the focus shifts towards the customer and away from supporting as many channels as possible. The key question is: what’s the right channel for a specific customer in a specific situation? Via extensive knowledge of their customers, companies must make smart choices. They need to offer the right content, via the most suitable channel, for the right customer at the correct time.

The focus for companies should be on: 

  • Chatbots

Chatbots are already a smart investment for many companies today. Especially for firms that provide a lot of customer support, the ROI is considerable. Many are already working with chatbots or are fully implementing them.

  • Speech technology 

In the US and the UK, many families have a smart speaker like Alexa and even make purchases with it. In Belgium, we’re a bit lagging behind, but even the most conservative Belgians will undoubtedly soon follow suit.

  • Video marketing 

If you can choose between reading an extensive text or watch an animated video that explains what you want to know in two minutes, the choice is easy to make. Today, videos are indispensable for companies. And unlike more complex issues such as the use of smart speakers as a sales channel, betting on videos is an easy choice for every marketer.

Let Artificial Intelligence (AI) help with personalization

AI is here to stay. So let's make optimal use of it. Persona research, blog themes, copywriting and conversion optimization. AI allows you to automate a whole range of company processes or at least prepare them so that the marketer can easily make use of the results. This frees up more time for human, creative thinking with which you can really make a difference compared to your competitors.

Provide relevant and hyper personal content

Personas. As a marketer, it is undoubtedly a well-known concept and perhaps less ground-breaking than speech technology and AI. But... do companies use them sufficiently to effectively personalize content on their websites? Personalized content via your personas is a great way to reach out to your customers. A demo of the Kentico All-in-one platform shows how it’s done in a flash. Reach out to us and we are happy to stop by and show you all the possibilities. 

If you want to read more about these personalization possibilities, certainly check our article about content personalization in Kentico.  

An Dufour

Driven Project Manager interested in content marketing technology